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Earth and Moon

Earth and Moon

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Saturn in Sagittarius, its a global world for real.

        No matter what is going on in the inner solar system, eclipses, Mercury retrogrades, Mars/Venus conjunctions, the paramount astrological guide all the time and each year is the position of SATURN. No matter what the currents of the planetary cycles are doing, everything has to refer to Saturn. He is called the Lord of Karma, the limit, and the form of our lives. To know Saturn is to know that there are laws in the universe. Yes, some seem contrived,  but some are so natural we have forgotten them.Time can come from invented clocks or the everlasting sunrise and sunset, but we obey these rules of time.     

     All the devices of our Earth, Moon, Sun and planets give us parts of what Time means. The Sun is a day and a year, the Moon is a week, a month, and a little more than a year. the Earth and Sun provide seasons and the measure of light and dark. Mighty Saturn rules the bigger aspects of time, 29 years to once circle the Sun. Seven years to quarter its orbit and two and a half years to give to each sign of the Zodiac it once orbits the Sun. Saturn is the last planet visible to the human eye. It is the limit of our universe. It is the symbol of Father, authority, law, time, and the Winter Solstice.

     The orbit of Saturn is just like the moon, only in years instead of days. The moon changes signs every two and a half days, Saturn changes signs every two and a half years.  For the past six years, Saturn has traveled through the Relationship signs, Libra, 2009-2012 then Scorpio, 2012-2015.
Last year, in 2015, Saturn played with the perimeters of the two signs Scorpio and Sagittarius, pulling us all to new ideas, travel, expansion and the NEXT THING as it occupied Sagittarius on January 4, 2015. But it keep sliding back into the late degrees of Scorpio, bringing up the money shocks, murder and war. Blame was the keyword in 2015, but the new truth, being glimpsed, being hinted at, is Change. Ain't nobody got time for blame no more.... move it out. The world has turned, change happened.
       Now,  in January of 2016, Saturn settles firmly and definitely into the middle degrees of Sagittarius, the ninth sign. By the number nine, we know everything, we have been identified, valued, discussed, felt, expressed, refined and then connected and dissected, so we know death, and what it leaves behind. These past two and a half years of Saturn in Scorpio, have shifted the money. Oil no longer rules, prices are fluctuating, resources are moving around and becoming different items. Is coal more important than wind? Is shale oil worth what vast empty lands full of solar generators can produce? Will somebody stick a conductor into the raging motion of rivers and tides and generate electricity?
      The tug of war over what its worth, who has it, and who is trying to take it..... flopped. That rope everyone was pulling on and fighting for... is ashes.
     Today, the words of Sagittarius are expansion, travel, the wider world, openness, education! Here, knowledge is better than cargo,  and maps may help us more than money. The time is ripe for startling invention, sudden changes and stupendous shifts in what we do and what we are using to do it with.        
       Try new ideas, look for the global perspective and the higher road. Philosophy is big right now, beware the justifications  and be wary of glittering new lies and huckster promises. In pioneering moments the carpetbaggers and drifters are all included. So make your new inventions seen, but don't give away your copyrights.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

July is the Month. 2014 turns on the events of July

Great Jupiter is changing signs, rolling into Leo just before the Sun moves into Leo. Sun and Jupiter are old icons together, interchangeable often as the power of god. the one head god, the god above all others. Jupiter is largest of the Planets, and is made of the same composition as is the Sun. My theory, based on the Greek one, is that Jupiter divided from the Sun in a mighty explosion, keeping all the force of the main star, but smaller. So it cooled, and receded ,and  more planets were thrown off as Jupiter hurtled away from the sun, spilling Saturn, (out of his forehead, came Athena, goddess of wisdom), then Mars, (who sprang, fully armed out of his thigh), then Venus, (out of his loins, she emerged from the foam of the sea).
      Astrologers watch Jupiter, as its orbit is a easy one to see in the night sky. It is the third largest object in our view, after the moon and Venus in brightness. Its orbit of 12 years around the sun (11.6) is an obvious historical time frame in which to observe changes. We are prone to count in decades, but the Jupiter cycle is slightly more accurate, in terms of human movement and enterprise. Nature follows it too, in agricultural and maritime highs and lows.
        So now, Jupiter leaves Cancer, sign of the home, and the soul, and motherhood and family. Jupiter moves into Leo, sign of the heart, the children, expression and love. Fire is the element here, and the behavior is dominating, demanding and relentless, like the Sun.
Jupter and the Sun are so close in July that their lights are merged. Big change is in the works, deep waves have sounded, and now the light will shine on all. Truth is the light, and glare will blind us.
These are big days, note the changes of July and you will know all about the rest of the year.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June has both a Friday the 13th And a Mercury Retrograde!! All Hell should be breaking loose in communications.

This one is just to annoying to ignore.
So! what is different about this little Mercury cycle that makes it worth talking about?
 Because it is rolling back over the USA ascendant in Gemini. The last time this happened, the year was 2001, the month was June, and we were thinking it was going to be a nasty attack on the North Atlantic coast by an enemy paid and equipped by  ourselves.  Well, that finally happened in September. 
 This time, we don't need planes and bombs and explosions to mess things up... because we have cyber wars. Mercury rules all our communication systems, all of them. The USA is especially fond of communications, as our lifestyles illustrate. So if an interruption in our ability to talk, message, and go online happens, what will we do? How will we react? Do those-who-mean-us-harm study our systems and our ways and methods? Yes, they do. And Yes, you need to update your passwords, your  banking  information.  You need firewalls, and security upgrades in everyway you know how.
And do it now, instead of finishing this blog.
Is there going to be a war? We dont have to fight, when so much can be damaged by juust a small planet doing a small detour on its natural rounds.
Notice our sanctions against the champion hackers and virus-makers, do you think they are pissed off? and losing money? Or is it just The Man, as usual, taking all the fun out of living, and the money away from the poor people.

The other blow June delivers is a perfect opposition between the Planet of WAR and the Planet of TECHNOLOGY.... MARS in Libra opposes URANUS in Aries. This uber-savage moment occurs on the 25th of June.  The mighty are in a group right now, a great cardinal square..... Pluto in Capricorn, opposite Jupiter, both square angled at the Mars- Uranus opposition. Mars, war and iron and steel, Uranus, change, revolution, electricity and aerospace, what a pair. Facing off in the signs of war and conflict. the signs of creation and civilization.
Then Jupiter and Pluto, the visible is Jupiter, welcomer to life, to adventure, to money and fortune, with hidden Pluto... the smasher of the atom, bringer of utter and complete change. He is both the gate and barrier to the worlds beyond this one.
So, if it were just Mercury
 we wouldn't mind so much. but all these other duos and quartets, are kind of lethal.
Anyway,  load your jumper cables, air up your tires, grease your knees, and oil your ankles, everything that can go wrong, always does on these little times of Mercury. Karmic? oh, not little ol Merc... just the payback of excess...and the balance of what really is worth talking about.

 And sorry bloggers, for the long silence in starwoman's news.
My shoulder hurts.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brave New World of 2013

                 [Note this is the first blog since Jupiter went into Gemini six months ago, June of 2012. The time period was one to a void, because of the stranglehold politics in America had on all of us. Obama was destined to get a full eight years. This astrologer saw it in 2008, and so it continues, the last gasp of the dream of democracy. Ahem.]

            This year will be one of enormus financial reckoning. Since 2009 we have all been living through Saturn in Libra, the signe of balance, balance between people. Libra is the archtype of marriage, the symbol of the most naturual and ineveitable experience on earth. Everywhere in our lives, our relationships have been paramount. We have lost people and been on trial for our connections and our partnerships Betrayal, loyalty, support and argument have been upon us in situations that are small as well as concerning the whole world. Notice our deeply partisan decade.  Today in the crucible of molten values... world money... we are seeing a new attitude. the lines are not so sharply drawn, because the choice between life or death threatens us all. We can no longer afford to spend our time clinging to a certain half of the great divide. Libra has measured us, now Scorpio will combine us, pay us, or kill us.
                                         "Take what you want, says God, and pay for it. "

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Solstice 2012 New Moon in Cancer, water is the new oil.

         The Summer Solstice of 2012 jumps ahead this year (like the heat wave) and comes to us on June 20th at 6 09pm CST.
      This cardinal point in the sun/earth calendar marks the northernmost passage of the Solar Year, bringing us the longest day, and the shortest night. This year the moon will be just one day new and in the sign Cancer, a water sign of great immensity.  Water will be the oil of the future. Indeed, in our drought-haunted summers, which are the hottest on record in the USA, are making water the most important resource of our time. 
         Money is on the minds and in the conversations of everyone.  Money that exists is nervous, and why? Because what is backing world money? From 1940 to 2000 oil was the unquestioned resource, but twelve years ago, the short-sighted, numb-brained powers jumped in and re-declared that oil would stand.  But it hasn't. It is over, short and going on empty. Sure, there are a few moments left, but all can see the end.  No one likes endings. No one says they enjoy change, but as it trickles, change is upon us and temperatures are rising.  Not just the grass is dying but so are the trees. And it is only June.
       The world will not take care of us. It has become overwhelmed.  No one is managing to keep up at all, and in bureaucracies, the collapse is vast.  The time for entrepreneurship is here. We have to in every way provide for ourselves. Dig your own well, grow your own produce, and buy local. this way of life has gained so much momentum that it probably isn't realized as the current trend of survival. Now, the creation of our own work, the selling of basic goods, and the inventions of new technologies are the three things that are keeping the majority of us--employed. 
        Solstice is powerful, and this one calls for Water, and shows fire on the ground. Our community connections are all-valuable. Opportunity for making money will come right from our own tribes, neighborhoods, and close friends.  As we save ourselves, we are still bound in every way to the connections of our people.  Like-mindedness can exist in the working levels of towns and cities, doing what is best for each other will bring a great profit. A local, lasting means to profit comes the same way, in starting to do for ourselves, it is our close associates, maybe even our families who will sustain us as we provide for each other.
         Don't underestimate the power of water. Meditate on the Grand Canyon. It is also quite dry.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Venus Transit of the Sun, Venus Retrograde, Values Reversing, Re-connecting

Every 18 months, in its 245 day orbit around the Sun, Venus appears to Earth perspective to reverse direction and  recede, retro-grading through degrees in space already transited. Five of these retrograde phases compose 8 years, and in the geometry of Venus orbit, creates a five pointed star in its track in space. Venus is associated with all of biological nature especially the fertility of spring. Venus' fruit is the apple, which has a five pointed center.
          During this cycle we are looking unusually deeply into layers of love, value and sharing. All our values are being reassessed, from business values, business evaluations, and the evaluations we are making in out own lives, weighing and taking extra time to asses all the factors. Have your portfolio reviewed and look for evaporation in places that have become obsolete. Expect a moving target as you look around for all the opportunities that are flux right now.  Nothing is quite safe anymore, because everything is changing and everything is linked.
Back up your materials, hard drives, and maybe on paper for some stuff. Especially account numbers that have money involved. Much is advancing and improving but the speeds are in uneven warp, and there are chaotic issues. Many of them. Nothing is perfect, all is moving.
Direct motion of Venus returns on June 29.  New ventures will be well to begin after that date.  Watch communications, and all of its components.  Venus retrogrades now in Gemini, sign of every networking device ever imagined. All exchanges are in retro action, allow yourself to reconsider, and be aware of odd lucky finds.

Venus Transit of the Sun 2012


Venus from Hubble

Venus from Hubble
2012 Venus brightest in a century

! Jupiter and Venus Conjunct in Taurus. World money settles.

! Jupiter and Venus Conjunct in Taurus. World money settles.

The Biggest Full Moon?? Are interest rates going to climb?

The Biggest Full Moon?? Are interest rates going to climb?



Venus rising from the sea

Venus rising from the sea